After $175 Million In Fines, FCA Launches ‘Recall Central’ For Dealers

January 27, 2016 3 Comments

FCA has launched a new initiative aimed at helping dealers help their customers with safety recalls.

FCA has created an online portal to help dealers assist their customers with recall related inquiries. The online portal called, “Recall Central,” debuted las week and according to automaker officials, dealers who use the resource will be more current on their recall information.

Speaking to, Fiat Chrysler spokesman Eric Mayne said, “It makes it easier for dealers to access complete, up-to-the-minute information on recalls to better inform customers and schedule service.” Mayne also told Edmunds FCA is expected to produce a progress report on “recall central” around July 2016.

FCA also noted in their release they are, “working with NHTSA and the industry to increase recall completion rates by encouraging customers to heed recall notices and improving the customer-service experience.” FCA’s decision to work with safety regulators comes on the heels of NHTSA coming after FCA over their handling of safety recalls.

In July 2015, NHTSA fined FCA $105 million over their handling of safety recalls. In December 2015, the government auto safety regulator fined FCA $70 million over failure to disclose vehicle crash injury and death reports. In December, U.S. Transportation secretary Anthony Foxx hinted at the government making FCA be more compliant. In a statement Foxx said, “We need FCA and other automakers to move toward a stronger, more proactive safety culture, and when they fall short, we will continue to exercise our enforcement authority to set them on the right path.”

Do you think the “Recall Central” website tailored specifically for dealers will make a major impact for staff looking to help customers and do you have something similar in place at your store? What impact has recall repair work had on your store during the past year?

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