Facebook Introduces Interest Targeting Tool

December 16, 2014 1 Comment

Facebook has unleashed a new feature that could make marketing more precise than ever. An official posting from Facebook reads, “To help you reach precisely the right people, we now offer the ability to target posts to a subset of the people that like your Page. For example, a publisher can use Interest Targeting to post a story about a sports game that will only be shown to people that like the teams playing.”

On an automotive level if a company page wants their latest post to go towards users who like, “Toyota,” “Toyota Camry,” and “4Runner,” that’s now possible. It all works when the advertisers select a targeting icon to the left of the post before the posting occurs. The marketer can then type in words and/or phrases into a dialogue box that appears when users click on the icon. This enhanced targeting feature is expected to help marketers reach specific users by employing this latest Facebook targeting technique. To make the process even easier, Facebook will offer suggestions for words or phrases based on the perceived content of the post.

This new innovation on the part of Facebook was designed for media and publishing companies; however, other types of businesses will certainly use it effectively. This new update also includes a specific posting end date and Smart Posting. Smart Posting allows those who like your page to see links frequently posted to your timeline, if you enable the setting. There are also a number of improvements to the analytics section. An official quote from Facebook reads, “We also recently fixed a bug that caused many third-party analytics tools to undercount the percentage of their organic traffic from Facebook. In the past, referrer data was missing from some of our outbound mobile clicks.”

The question for dealers is how you can make this update work for you? What types of ‘likes’ would you want to target when you post on behalf of your store? Do you find Facebook advertising beneficial to your dealership?

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    this is great because I use facebook very moderately to increase traffic to my website. Good Stuff