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Best Mobile App Development Blogs In 2020 | DrivingSales News

Best Mobile App Development Blogs In 2020

November 6, 2020 0 Comments

How to customize the tab bar or any other mobile development topic — you can find the answers in the blog. DroidCruch offers valuable insight into a wide variety of topics — mobile devices, PCs, games, operating systems like iOS and Android. Moreover, the blog has how-to articles for Android developers — how to fix various issues or keeping your app secure. Mobile Apps For EventsCreate mobile experiences your attendees will love.Religious OrganizationsEngage your congregation in a mobile first world.

Also, there are millions of mobile app developers across the world including you. Here you can find a lot of articles on how to create blurred search fields for your mobile app, React Native tutorials, and other topics.

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This blog is at the forefront of all kinds of development, making it the place to go for even the most experienced developers. Dynamic Leap makes Android and iOS apps and have a great blog where you can learn from their professional development team. They regularly update the blog and give their take on how to make great apps. Admob is one of the biggest names in mobile advertising and they regularly update their blog with announcements and tips for developers. You can subscribe to keep up-to-date with all the latest news from Admob. Chupamobile publish a blog post nearly every week and answer all the questions a mobile developer could have. iOS Dev Weekly is a blog and newsletter that releases a round-up of all the best iOS articles every Friday.

app development blog

Whenever studies about mobile application statistics are released, you can access Flurry to get the low down. Their summaries are also exceptionally well worded and extremely sound. If you want a little bit of everything, Mashable is the right choice for you.

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The Apptentive team is keeping a close eye on the mobile world and passing on their astute observations through their blog. If you want to know how the very best apps are succeeding, check out this blog.

app development blog

We delve deep into the world of Startups and guide you on the best technology for your app based on your unique requirements. The Team Hunt blog covers a wide range of topics that should interest any level of developer. app development blog Whether it’s the problems that indie devs face or global trends in the mobile development, this blog has it covered. The Kogi blog seeks to help Appreneurs to make informed decisions about app development.

Sitepoint Blog

Even in this dynamic and rapidly evolving digital world, JavaScript has withstood the test of time and is here to last for long. Due to its efficiency and flexibility, it can be deployed both on the server-side and the client-side, and can cloud deployment models be used for developing mobile and web applications. Design tips and in depth tutorials can guide you regarding commercial operation as well as creative inspiration. If statistics is your cup of tea, Flurry should be the perfect choice.

But, as easy it is for anybody to download an application and use it, it’s not equally easier to develop an application. It takes months and sometimes years of brainstorming, crucial technicality, and what not to finally develop an application that might do well in the market. Apple Insider is definitely a news website, but the most important part here is its forum. While developing iOS apps, you can ask any questions here and there are active users and moderators who are working day in and out to solve queries by developers. Subscribe this website to get the latest updates on iOS versions, features, news, tips, tools, etc. to make easy and flawless iOS app development. So, these were the blogs/news that you need to must-read for Android app development. In fact, what all apps are trending, making money, updating, raising funds, etc. everything you get here about the mobile app industry.

Top Points To Follow While Developing A Mobile App

They write about everything from user acquisition to cost estimation. Hannes Dorfmann covers mobile development with a focus on Android development and UI design. He also gives insight into life as an indie developer and how he tries to improve his workflow. The Apptamin blog wants to show you how to make successful apps by giving advice on mobile advertising. You can optimize your apps and games with the insight provided on this blog to get the best return of investment on your ads.

The success of a mobile application highly depends on the strategies and approaches implemented. Check out our Whitepaper to know how to select the best approach for Mobile App Development. is an important factor in understanding if there is a need for your app and the motivating factor for customers to use the app. Are there solutions to these challenges and how will your application provide it? These are the first questions to be addressed before you start on development. The research will help you determine who your customer is, what they need and how you can provide it. This will help you plan the functionality and design of your app in a way that will encourage downloads and engagement.

Apptunix Blog

From breaking news to tech reviews, application line ups and distinctive general features, Mashable offers a variety of experiences for the tech savvy user. From demonstrations and previews to reviews of apps and different types of gear, you can easily contextualise apps using Engadget. We provide all the necessary insights app development blog on trending apps and outline a ballpark estimation to help you build the next big thing. Learn the secret to how to enter the world of mobile apps with strategic planning and the right outsourcing team. From how to build an impeccable product to how to scale a new startup, find out what it takes to make the cut.

  • You’re missing out on a great variety of ideas about the development industry if you do not go through this blog.
  • Their blogs are entirely focused on different web applications, Android, iOS, app marketing, and react native information.
  • Moveoapps have the most exceptional views and ideas about application development like none other.
  • So, if you have an idea ready to be turned into an application, start with Moveoapps’ help today.

The round-up includes the best opinion pieces, resources and tutorials for mobile developers. RenegadeCitizen is one of the most thought-provoking mobile game development blogs online. They regularly investigate the issues facing game devs and more often than not they provide concrete solutions that any developer can use. Mobile applications are now an integral part of our lives, and we turn to them for pretty much everything today. From playing games to delivering groceries whenever needed, mobile applications have made everything easier.

Take Your Product To The Next Level With These 8 Best Mobile App Design Tools

Together withMatt NetkowfromIonicwe discuss cross-platform app development based on web technologies and progressive web apps . For everyone new to app development, we’re also introducing the key strategies for creating apps and compare some of the well-known app development frameworks in this area. AppIt effectively designed and developed the first-ever mobile app for the State of Colorado and its residents.

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