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Dealership Operations | DrivingSales News

Dealership Operations

There's no question that the massive increase in mobile phone adoption has resulted in a dramatic shift in consumer behavior. For the U.S. auto industry,..
Tue Jan 2016
The U.S. Supreme Court will decide if dealership service advisors must be paid overtime. The source of this issue is a lawsuit from five service..
Fri Jan 2016
Although it may seem like an unlikely pairing, a car dealership in Norman, Oklahoma now doubles as an art gallery. Following an extensive search for..
Wed Jan 2016
Attracting more qualified buyers doesn't have to be hard work. Join our webinar & learn how to drive qualified buyers directly to your VDPs &..
Thu Jan 2016
Dealer family businesses dig in their heels, little sign of sale. Meet our next-gen dealer interviewees: Consolidation will continue to be a characteristic of the..
Mon Jan 2016
AutoNation CEO, Mike Jackson, warns that although the U.S. auto industry experienced record sales in 2015, a flat December may indicate a difficult road ahead...
Fri Jan 2016
Sean Graber, co-founder and CEO of Virtuali, believes there’s an under-told story that auto dealers can leverage to attract Millennial leaders. Lori Goler, head of..
Wed Jan 2016
Download our DrivingSales Consumer Experience Whitepapers. The Most Up-To-Date Research About What Today's Customers Want From A Sale.
Thu Jan 2016
On December 21, 2015, DrivingSales News spoke to Allen Turner, the owner of Allen Turner Chevrolet and Allen Turner Hyundai about his thoughts on dealerships’..
Wed Dec 2015
Fostering employee engagement is “easier than you might think,” according to Paul Herr, author of "Primal Management" and scientist of human motivation. When you think..
Wed Dec 2015
A recent article on CleanTechnica profiled the experience one man had trying to purchase a Nissan Leaf earlier this year. The man writing the article, Chris Dragon, wrote about..
Mon Dec 2015
Try Out for Free the Best Automotive Retail Training Platform in the Industry. Proudly Used by Over 2,500 dealers. Get your Free Demo Today!
Tue Jan 2016
Some automotive retailers are skeptical of the ROI of social media. Here’s an inside look at how industry players are leveraging platforms to connect with..
Fri Dec 2015
When a new employee joins your dealership, you may introduce him or her to the staff, perhaps send out an email to the entire store..
Fri Dec 2015
According to some GM dealers, Apple CarPlay is helping them to sell more vehicles. It appears that the automaker's push to implement the Apple feature..
Tue Dec 2015