Couple Steals Camaro on Test Drive, Police K9 Unit Gets Involved

August 3, 2015 0 Comments


In a narrative we’ve reported on previously, a car salesperson was again car jacked on a vehicle test drive. This particular crime took place in Vacaville, California when police say Shane Woodcook, 37, and Shawna McLemore, 33, went to Vacaville Nissan in order to test-drive a new vehicle. They decided to test drive a Camaro SS. The couple left the dealership with a salesman and eventually ended up at a bank. The couple reportedly told the dealership employee during the test drive they had to stop off for the money for the Camaro at Wells Fargo. The salesman agreed and the three went inside of the bank. However, once inside the bank, McLemore left to get “water” out of the Camaro and then Woodcook said that he had to grab his ID out of the vehicle. The salesperson, becoming suspicious, went outside to find both individuals inside of the Camaro. When the salesperson approached the vehicle, Woodcook said he had a gun and left the bank stealing the Camaro.

The police were immediately called and the couple led local police on a high-speed chase. The Camaro was driven at a high rate of speed on the highway and at one point drove against traffic. Eventually Woodcook and McLemore took an exit and drove the Camaro into a neighborhood where they abandoned the vehicle. In the end, McLemore was found hiding in a shed. She refused to surrender, so police sent in the K9 unit and she surrendered immediately. After McLemore was treated for her K9 injuries at the scene and arrested, while Woodcook was found nearby and also placed under arrest.

Police Found a knife and fake gun in the Camaro. The couple was booked into jail on what a police reported indicated was “suspicion of stealing a vehicle, carjacking, evading police, resisting arrest and a probation violation, among other charges.”

How many other instances have you heard of in which a customer has tried to steal a vehicle on a test drive? Do you think dealerships need to have safety training in place for test drives?

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