Is There a Connection Between Apple and Tesla Motors?

February 4, 2015 0 Comments

In 2014, Tesla Motors made its mark on the global auto industry. They announced the creation of a $5 billion dollar gigafactory, released more details about their Model X and hinted at improved vehicle driving range. However, the biggest news to come out of that organization might eventually come from an unexpected source. Speculation is beginning to grow that Apple Inc. might be interested in working with or competing against Tesla Motors.

The speculation stemmed from two sources. The first is the appearance of Elon Musk at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino. Immediately, the thought was Musk was in town to talk about some sort of collaboration. He addressed those questions during a telephone interview with Bloomberg. On the Apple visit Musk said, “We had conversations with Apple, I can’t comment on whether or not those revolved around any sort of acquisition.” Musk was asked if Tesla was for sale for which he replied that it’s unlikely because Tesla has to stay focused on creating a “compelling mass market electric car.” However, he didn’t say no. He went on to say if Tesla were to entertain offers, it would all be centered on their current company goal to create that mass-market electric car.

The other reason for the increase in speculation on this issue is that the one of the latest granted patents is for “Apple Electric Car Inc.” The finding comes from the official U.S. government website that lists granted patents. This particular patent was granted yesterday. The patent centers on a custom screen setup for golf carts. According to a posting by Jack Purcher of Patently Apple, the namesake could be a coincidence. Purcher wrote, “It’s likely just a one in a million fluke that it appeared on today’s list of granted patents for ‘Apple.’ Yet there it was in black and white this morning.”

With Tesla not saying no to an acquisition and this patent showing up yesterday, the Apple-Tesla talk will at the least get a lot of media hype. What do you think of Apple buying Tesla Motors? Could Apple take Tesla to the next level? Will Tesla ever be able to create a mass market electric car?

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