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Will Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant “Cortana” Be Included In Windows 9? | DrivingSales News

Will Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant “Cortana” Be Included In Windows 9?

September 22, 2014 0 Comments


Microsoft will soon be unveiling Windows 9 to the press, and many people are speculating that the virtual assistant Cortana will be a major feature of the new OS. Cortana was initially introduced earlier this year for Windows Phones, and the expectation that it will eventually be available across platforms may soon be coming to fruition.

The “Cortana” name comes from the artificial intelligence character in Microsoft’s extremely popular “Halo” video game series, and the possibility of its inclusion in the upcoming Windows 9 release is creating a buzz throughout the industry.

Some screen shots of Cortana in Windows 9 have been leaked, and according to technology news website Neowin, “As of right now, Cortana is an app; it’s a simple app that opens up the personal digital assistant where you can then either type in your question or ask verbally inside a smallish window. It’s not a full screen experience like you see on Windows Phone. The app itself currently looks similar to that of Windows Phone, but takes up roughly 25% of your display with Cortana being in the center; Cortana maintains her circle shape and is animated too.”

Windows Phone users are able to initiate a search using Cortana, in much the same way that iPhone users can with Siri (using Bing). It therefore seems highly likely that Cortana search functionality will be integrated into the forthcoming Windows 9. However, one question that remains is whether the Bing brand will be entirely subordinated to Cortana in the new OS. The technology will be running in the background, but will this be the end of the Bing brand as Cortana makes its way onto the PC and PC-like tablet devices?

Microsoft has spent a lot of time trying to ensure that the experience of talking to Cortana is fluid and comfortable for users. The more that you talk to Cortana, the more it learns about you. Microsoft has indicated that Cortana will be updated at least twice per month to steadily improve functionality and enhance usability.

Over the past couple of years, the PC has suffered consistent sales declines among consumers as mobile devices have become more prevalent. Based on Gartner estimates, Android OS devices will be over 3 times more common next year globally than those powered by Windows.

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